About Us

Our customers always tell us that we are in a league of our own when it comes to our customer service. While we are thankful for their words the truth is that all we do is try our very hardest to make sure your experience with Aero Car Rentals will be a memorable one and that you will continue to use us .

A leading discount brand focused on serving the budget-conscious travelers, Aero Car Rentals is positioned well in an industry where price is key. With a core focus of combining technology-enabled efficiencies with their proactive price management, Aero Car Rentals has continually grown its airport rental market share and positioned itself well as a leader in the value car rental space.

Why our customers love our service.

We believe giving our customer the best service is what makes us different from the other guys in the business. Our staff our well trained in the auto rental business. We only use latest new cars and trucks. We do not use accident or off lease vehicles. 

  • Stress-free reservation help line.
  • Free airport pickup & drop off.
  • Luxury wedding rentals.
  • Insurance replacement services.
  • Top 5 Stars google reviews
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